I’m sure you’ve been in a situation like this – you feel like dining in a restaurant, but none of your friends are available to go with you. That’s not a problem, considering that you like to dine alone. However, there is always that time between ordering the meal and waiter bringing it. Although it doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes, more often than not it seems like ages. Fortunately, you brought your phone (and enough battery power) with you, so why wouldn’t you play a quick game of 8-Ball Pool?

What is 8 Ball Pool

Have you heard of the latest hit game available in iOS and Android stores? 8 Ball Pool is a free online game that gives you the chance to test your virtual pool skills against thousands of players from all over the world. I’m sure that you know the rules – you need to net solid or stripe balls, and finish things off with the black ball before your opponent does the same.

8 Ball Pool is an incredibly simple game that you can pick up and play at any time. Once you start it, you will be paired with a rival depending on your current level of progression. That means that you will be playing against players of similar skill, and who knows, it might just be a guy who is waiting for food in a restaurant on the other side of the world. That would be cool!

8 Ball Pool Gameplay
1vs1 Gameplay

Straightforward Gameplay

Either way, things are pretty simple once the action starts. You choose how to position your cue by rotating the control stick and adjust the power of the shot by pulling back the strength bar. If you’ve done everything right, the result of the shot will be netting the ball in the desired hole. The physics of the game are realistic, which means that missing the angle just for a bit can be the deciding factor between a hit and miss. Keep in mind that you are in a restaurant because just the other day I tilted my head to the left to see if I got the angle right, which led to other guests looking at me funny. If only I could explain them it was my winning shot; I’m sure they would understand.

Each player has maximum 30 seconds to make its move, which means that a single match rarely takes more than 5-6 minutes. That means it’s perfect to pass the time while waiting for your meal. If you ordered the house specialty, you might even play two or three matches before the waiter brings your food. In that case, you can play a tournament, where everything starts from the quarter-final, and you need to win three matches in a row to lift the trophy.

To join the high ladders and start making a name for yourself, you can use some 8 Ball Pool cheats to do that. Those cheats will allow you to get the best cues and place higher bets against rivals.

Build Up Your Appetite

Whether you are a fan of pool or not 8 Ball Pool can be an enticing game to play while you are waiting for your food. Putting in a couple of victories against your rivals might be just what you need to build up your appetite and prepare to take on the delicious meal the restaurant is preparing just for you.

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