The Italian Restaurant

Lana Restaurant is an Italian restaurant located in Charleston. We are an award-winning restaurant that has been recommended and praised by numerous professional food critics. And we have got a menu that can back those up. You would be able to sample some of the best Italian food in town if you decide to dine at Lana restaurant. Our menu is sure to keep you wanting more classic Italian food. The Italian food that we serve is made with traditional Mediterranean cooking methods. And you would not be able to find a restaurant that is more authentic than Lana restaurant. We also have got our special dishes and recipes that are a new take on classic Italian recipes. If you want to try some special Italian dish that you have never tasted in the past, then Lana restaurant is the place to dine at.

Founded by Chef John Ono, Lana restaurant has become one of the most well-known dining places around the city. You would find that many people recommend Lana restaurant as the premier Italian dining experience in Charleston. We are a local landmark that has become a food hub for anyone that loves Italian food. Our specially made dishes are going to appeal to the tastes of a wide variety of people. We have got handmade pasta, freshly baked pastries, and many more food items that you can order from our kitchen.

We believe in cooking food that is only made from the freshest ingredients. We also use organic produce in our dishes as well. If you would like to sample food that is freshly made, then you should visit Lana restaurant. We are one of the few restaurants in the area, that practice this method of cooking. Our bread and many other menu items are made from the kitchen itself. So you can rest assured about the quality of food that you can order from Lana restaurant. We would not disappoint any of our restaurant patrons because we aspire to provide the best dining experience and service in Charleston.

At Lana restaurant, we have got a wide selection of dinner and lunch menu items that you can order. You would be able to take a friend to lunch or dinner at our restaurant. And you would also be able to sample many new things since the restaurant menu items will change during lunch and dinner. You would love all of the classic Italian dishes that you can order from our menu. Our menu here at Lana restaurant has been praised by food critics throughout the country. And if you visit Lana restaurant yourself, you could personally sample some of our unique menu items.

Lana restaurant has got reasonable prices for our food as well. You would not have to pay a lot of money for great tasting and well-made food here in Charleston. Our menu is priced to appeal to those of the middle market. You would not have to spend a lot of money to eat something good in town. We believe that quality food can be served even for low prices. And despite the low prices that we charge here at Lana restaurant, you would be able to eat food that is made with fresh ingredients.

Aside from the restaurant, you would also have access to the bar. Lana has got a fully stocked and staffed bar. Our expert bartenders are going to be able to mix up some delicious drinks for you. You could also sample some of the best locally brewed beers at our restaurant. And if you prefer wine, our bar is also stocked with authentic Italian wines as well. Our bar at Lana restaurant can be an intimate setting for your date. You could also have a nice relaxing drink by yourself at the end of the day. You are sure to love being able to kick back and relax here at the bar in Lana restaurant.

We are also proud to say that we are one of the best spots in town to host your party. You would be able to reserve the entire restaurant as an event menu. Lana restaurant can easily fit up to several dozen people. So it would make the restaurant the perfect size to host any party event. If you need some venue place here in Charleston, your first choice should be Lana restaurant. We have got a great space and a fantastic atmosphere here at our restaurant.