Access To A 20 Person Bar

At Lana Restaurant, you would also have access to a 20 person bar. This bar can easily sit around two dozen people at the counter. And you would be served by well-trained bartenders at the bar at Lana. You could have a delicious freshly mixed cocktail, or have any refreshing drink that you want the bar. You would love all of the drinks that can be mixed up by the bartenders at Lana restaurant. Our mixologists are extremely adept at creating new tastes and mixtures for our patrons. When you want to experience a great drinking experience in Charleston, you should visit Lana Bar. The drinks that you can order at our bar are going to be out of this world. And you would be able to have some of the best tasting drinks and cocktails in town if you visit our bar here at Lana restaurant.

The bar at Lana restaurant is not just limited to a few select types of drinks. The patrons at our bar can order a lot of different kinds of drinks without any problem at all. You would love sampling some of our great tasting mojitos and cocktails. Our bartenders and mixologists, here at Lana bar, will create all of those drinks using the freshest ingredients possible. And you would not be disappointed by how great and refreshing are all of the drinks that we serve here at the Lana Bar.
You would also be able to order other kinds of things aside from mixed drinks as well. You would love drinking the beer that we have on tap. The Lana bar gets its beers from local breweries, so you would be able to sample some of the best beer that Charleston has to offer. The bar at Lana also has got a fine selection of wines that you can drink. If you would like to taste what we have available, just request for a specific wine or beer brew from our bartender. They should be able to fulfill your request for a drink.
Aside from the great tasting drinks that you can sample at the bar in Lana, it is also a great place to chill. The bar has got a nice and subdued atmosphere, that should make you feel at ease if you decide to drink there. The decor and lighting are perfect for anyone that wants a quiet bar to drink at. You would be able to nurse your drink in peace or chat with someone over an intimate pair of drinks. You could have one of the most enjoyable times ever drinking at the bar in Lana restaurant.
You could have a quick drink at our bar after work. Or you could also bring a friend or date over at the bar if you would like to have some company. The bar at Lana restaurant is the perfect setting for those kinds of interactions. And you would have a fun time if you decide to go drinking at our bar.