The Chef At Lana Restaurant

Here at Lana restaurant, we are staffed by professionally trained chefs. You are sure to be served some fantastic food because all of our chefs have been trained with the utmost skill. The Chefs at Lana restaurant have been praised for their skill in various cuisines. And if you would like to know more about the Chefs at our restaurant, then you can read their Chef profiles below. You can also check the schedules of our various chefs as well since they are going to be shown here as well.

John Ondo

Mr.Ondo is the main chef at Lana restaurant. Chef Ondo is the proprietor and owner of Lana restaurant as well. Initially, Chef Ondo did not know what he wanted to be when he was in High School. And since that time has passed, Chef Ondo has become the popular and widely praised own of the restaurant, Lana. Lana Bar and Restaurant is one of the most well-known eateries in town. And Chef Ondo is one of the co-owners of Lana. He has been running the place for several years now. And Chef Ondo successfully manages the 80-seat restaurant, while also cooking in the kitchen as well.

Chef Ondo’s favorite cuisine is Italian. He says that he just loves the taste of the food in Italian cuisine. And in addition to loving the taste of Italian food, he also likes the food preparation style as well. Chef Ondo loves the simple and fresh ingredients that are being used in the Italian recipes. Mr.Ondo praises the Italian lifestyle for the healthy dishes and recipes that are commonly found in it. He prefers recipes that have got simple tastes to them. Chef Ondo does not believe that any great tasting recipe should be ruined by overly complicated ingredients.

He studied Italian cooking while he was younger. And returning to his hometown of Charleston, he was determined to bring in his expertise with Italian cuisine. Chef Ondo managed to get educated in Italian cuisine from actual hands-on experiences in cooking in various kinds of Italian restaurants. He has worked in Il Cortile De Re and even other non-Italian restaurants as well. So you could say that Chef Ondo has got a lot of experience in working in the food and restaurant industry. He brings that experience to the way he manages and cooks at Lana.

The main chef at Lana’s always tries to innovate the way that Italian food is prepared. Chef Ondo has his take on classic Mediterranean dishes and recipes. The chef is most well-known for his vegetable dish, Ratatouille. He adds a bit of grilled fish and squash with some red pepper sauce. This variation on this classic dish is a way to deconstruct it. You are certainly going on a gastronomic adventure when you have Chef Ondo cook for you. Some of the dishes that he makes are going to be ones that you have never tasted before.