Different kinds of dishes at Lana restaurant

At Lana restaurant, you can sample many different kinds of dishes. We even have signature recipes which are new takes on classic Italian and Mediterranean dishes. You can view the complete menu at Lana restaurant on this page. The menu items on this list are subject to change or may not be available when you visit. Please consult with the wait staff to check the availability of certain menu items at Lana restaurant. You can also rest assured that the items that you can order from our menu will be freshly prepared once you order them from our restaurant.

Menu Items

  • Soups – You could order some freshly made soups straight from our kitchen. Try the chilled potato and leek soup on a hot day. We also have got a spicy fish soup that you can sample as well. Our soup of the day is going to change often, so please as the wait staff for the du jour.
  • Salads – Salads at Lana restaurant are made with only the freshest vegetables. Organic produce is also the ingredients that are being used. Our special House salad at Lana restaurant is made with poached pears, toasted walnuts, mixed greens, sliced tomatoes and bits of Gorgonzola Cheese.
  • Appetizers – The appetizers that you can sample at Lana restaurant are going to make your mouth water. We have got a selection of fritters and cheese plates that you can order. Newly baked bread is also available on special request.
  • Seafood – Sample some of the best Mediterranean seafood dining here at Lana restaurant. You could order Mussels, oysters and any other kind of seafood Italian dish that you can think about.
  • Pasta – Classic Italian pasta is going to be available at Lana restaurant as well. Our pasta is made within the kitchen using only the classic methods of Italian cooking.
  • Desserts
    All of the desserts that you can order from our kitchen are made inside of the restaurant. These include pastries, cakes, and ice cream as well. The desserts that you can order from Lana restaurant are all varied, and you would find something that can satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Carrot Cake – Made with fresh ingredients, and baked in the morning, you can order your carrot cake with mascarpone icing. The carrot cake is also lightly flavored with ginger sabayon.
  • Lemon Tart – Try one of our freshly baked lemon tart custards. Our kitchen bakes it with a hint of raspberry coulis for some added flavor.
  • Chocolate cake – Add a twist to the taste of the classic chocolate cake. You can order one that is flavored with espresso and champagne caramel.
  • Sorbet – Freshly made sorbet can be yours. We have got a wide variety of flavors that you can try out.

Please visit Lana Restaurant if you would like to check further on the prices of our menu. You could also contact us if you need to inquire about larger orders. From time to time, Lana restaurant will also add new items and foods to our menu. These are the days for our special events and such, so please check on our menu often, if you want to see the latest food offerings here at Lana restaurant.