Italian cuisine has had a long and rich history. And if you ask any Italian cook they will tell you that certain ingredients are part of Italian cooking. It would not be possible to cook any Italian dish that tastes authentic if you are not using these essential ingredients. If you are wondering what kind of ingredients that you will need to have as part of Italian cooking you need to have some of these ingredients in your kitchen when you are making any Italian dish. You should also stock all of these ingredients in of your kitchen’s pantry if you cook a lot of Italian dishes and try to buy the best quality of these ingredients if you plan on cooking the best tasting dishes.


Olive Oil

A good olive oil is the basis of any Italian dish. If you take a look at Italian recipes, you can see that most of them call for the use of olive oil as one of the main ingredients. Olive oil is also much better to use than butter or other kinds of oils. This is because olive oil has less saturated fat when you compare them to those types of oils. So not only is olive oil much tastier and adds an authentic taste to your recipes, but you can also find that olive oil is much better for your health.


There is nothing quite like using tomatoes in your Italian pasta. Use fresh ripe tomatoes to add a sweet yet spicy flavor to your recipes.


Garlic has been used in Mediterranean dishes since the Roma era. And now it has been a regular part of the Italian diet. Not only does garlic add a great flavor to recipes it also has got various health properties as well, such as being antifungal and antibacterial.


Real Italian pasta is hand-made and usually made out of whole grains. Try to avoid pasta that is simply store brought as you will not achieve the same delicious taste if you use real Italian pasta. Italian pasta that is hand-made has a different flavor and texture to it. It has got a stronger taste it also has got a nice feel in your mouth when you do eat it.


Certain spices are just part of the Italian cuisine. Spices such as pepper, oregano, and parsley are just some of the spices that you should be adding to your dishes. While these ingredients are not a base, you can add them to your dishes after you have made them.

Final Notes

These are just some of the ingredients that you have got to have when you are making any Italian recipe. Italian cuisine ingredients are essential if you want to achieve an authentic taste in your recipes. So you should focus on obtaining only the most high-quality ingredients when you are making your Italian dishes. For example, you should buy only the freshest tomatoes and use only virgin olive oil. Aside from that, you should also try to focus on finding some great Italian recipes that you can follow, cook some tasty dishes.

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