How To Make A Reservation

Lana Restaurant can be the perfect place to host a formal dinner or a party event. Sections of the restaurant can be divided to create a more intimate setting. You could host a wedding rehearsal dinner party at Lana Bar and Restaurant; there is ample seating space for a group of around 80 people. You would not be disappointed by the amount of space that you would be able to reserve at Lana restaurant. And you would also be able to ensure that every guest that you may have for your party will have something delicious to eat at Lana restaurant.

You should think about making a reservation at Lana Restaurant if you want to sample the best Italian and Mediterranean fusion food around town. The food that you can eat at Lana Restaurant is nothing like you have ever tried before. There are new and inventive recipes to sample all of the time. You would be able to find something that would satisfy your palate if you choose to make a reservation at Lana restaurant.

The atmosphere and vibe at Lana restaurant are also really perfect for parties as well. If you reserve a spot at Lana restaurant, you are sure to have a good time for your party. The lighting and mood that is set throughout the restaurant are very relaxing and intimate. And aside from the decor and atmosphere for the restaurant, you would also love the attentiveness of our staff. All of these different elements would mean that you reserve Lana restaurant for your party, you would not be disappointed by your experience.

There is always a huge demand for the food at Lana restaurant, so you should make a reservation right now. You would not be left without a table or seats if you just make a reservation a few hours ahead of time. It is really important that you take the time to make a reservation during the weekend or on Friday nights. This is because there can be a dinner rush during those days, and we at Lana Restaurant may not have tables available for you at those times. We do hold reserved tables for thirty minutes until the diners arrive. You could try to call us at the restaurant if you would like to make a reservation and keep a spot for you.

Consider making a reservation at Lana Restaurant if you need a restaurant to eat at. There is always a huge demand for dinner reservations at Lana restaurant because we are a premier dining place here at Charleston. You should make a reservation in advance if you do not want to wait an extended period until a table is made available. Please call us at least several hours in advance to book a reservation. Many of our diners even call us days in advance if they want to make a reservation. You would have a table and seats available at the Lana Restaurant and Bar if you just reserve ahead of time.