It is a fact that Italian cooking has gained considerable popularity these days not only in its home country but various parts of the world. While most people would quickly think of pizza and pasta as dishes associated with the cuisine, but not many are aware of what really and truly constitutes Italian cuisine. Considering the many regions that the country is made of, it is only right for people to take the time to get to know about the regional variation of Italian cuisine.

Varied Cuisine

It is a fact that there has been a considerable evolution in what is now known as Italian cuisine. Many have noted that it may have originated somewhere in Sicily and that it is influenced by Germanic tribes, the Arab, as well as the Greeks.

It is unique because it can absorb notable diverse influences to create then that culinary school that is now known as Italian. The diversity though is well represented in the regional Italian cuisines.


This type of cooking is developed around Venice and is most known for its most famous dish, the risotto. It is also known for Polenta, a maize meal. There are also some baked dishes and cheeses along the area, and the region is quite famous for desserts like the nougat and Tiramisu. This school of cooking is often known for emphasizing the use of exotic spices, and its dishes tend to be heavy.


This region is most known for serving risotto with Milanese dishes on the side. Among the most common ones include ossobuco, cotoletta, as well as Polenta.


This region is known for having a varied and refined cuisine. Traditional Italian and French cooing blend in the dishes prepared in this area to give birth to some of the most mouthwatering dishes. Among the common ingredient used in this region include cheese, rice, garlic, as well as fresh seasonal vegetables. Castlemagno is its most famous cheese. It is also quite famous for pasty, wine, and chocolates.

Valle d’Aosta

The dishes prepared in this region are usually derived from games. It is also now for rich and thick soups. Cheese fondue and polenta are also quite common I this region. Cream and butter are also considered as the most heavily used ingredient.


It is most known for savory pies. Polenta has been replaced with chickpeas which then gave rise to dishes such as panissa and farinatta. Pesto is also widely used.

Emilia Romagna

Cuisine in this region is often represented by filled pasta. Lasagna would be the most known example. Balsamic vinegar is also prepared in this region.


This area is considered as the center for culinary experiments. Vast varieties of seafood, fish, and vegetables are often used. The locals here are also very much known for the production of large quantities of olive oil. Another signature dish for this region is Durum pasta, as well as the traditional cartellate pastry.

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