Are you a fan of Italian cuisine? Most of us are more familiar with Italian dishes like pasta, soups, and salads than drinks. However, no Italian meal would be complete without adding traditional beverages. Here are some of the best options:

  1. Espresso

This is easily one of the most common and popular Italian drinks. It’s a type of coffee that’s made by forcing small amounts of very hot pressurized water through coffee beans that are finely ground. The texture is usually thicker than other types of coffee and has foam called “crema” on top. The flavors/chemicals in an espresso are usually very concentrated due to the high pressure used in the brewing process. The process is also used for making other types of Italian coffee drinks.

  1. Wine

Wine is one of the quintessential drinks from the Mediterranean region and there are several varieties that originate from Italy. There are various white wines including Asti, Gavi, and Pinot Grigio. If you want red wines there are also several options including Amarone, Barbaresco, and Salice Salentino. Due to the many options it’s important to do your research so you can pick wines that best suit your tastes. It’s also help to learn about different Italian wine grapes that are used to make the wines. That will help you to select the best wines based on the grapes themselves.

  1. Cocktails

Besides wine and beer there are several Italian cocktails to make including Americano, cardinal, Negroni, Bellini, and Rossini. Some of these drinks are best for dinner while others can be enjoyed throughout the day.

  1. Latte

This is a “milk coffee.” The traditional Italian coffee drink is a mix of espresso and (steamed) milk. There are several variations including replacing the coffee with tea or replacing the cow’s milk with other types like almond milk or soy milk. There are different ways to serve lattes including in a bowl in Europe.

  1. Cioccolata Calda

This is the Italian version of hot chocolate. It’s one of the tastiest Italian drinks you can try. It’s a pudding-like beverage that can be topped with whipped cream, Irish cream, or cinnamon. The main ingredients are cocoa powder, milk, white sugar, and cornstarch. If you’re a chocolate fan then this is definitely one of the best options.

  1. Cappuccino

Here’s another type of Italian coffee drink. It’s usually a double espresso that includes hot milk and hot milk. The drink includes several varieties including flavors with chocolate powder or cinnamon, and cream rather than milk. The name of the drink originates from the color of the habits of Capuchin friars. The color is derived when a little milk is added to the brewed coffee.

  1. Beer

Italy is more famous for its wines but its pale lagers are also quite common. Beer is often paired with pizza. However, since the 1970s the alcoholic drink has become more widely used for other cuisine and situations. Peroni is one of the most famous breweries in Italy and SABMiller group is the owner. There are several other famous beer brands and breweries in the country.

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