We have different beliefs all over the world. We follow the rules and proper etiquettes when it comes to eating. Italians do have these kinds of beliefs too, which you would find unusual. Did you know that Italians give more importance to meals especially if they are to spend it with their family and friends? They do. They make sure the time and effort are all well spent if they have the chance to spend their meals with their loved ones. They also give importance to foods and the people who have prepared them. Here are some good-to-knows about Italians.

  1. There is no Italian Wedding Soup in Italy

This soup is being served to weddings, but it was not proven that it was originated in Italy. It could be probably a mix of another cuisine. It is made out of vegetables, meat, and stock.

  1. Italians love herbs and spices but not too much on garlic

In all dishes you could find on Italian soil, you would never miss herbs and spices but garlic.

  1. Italians do not drink coffee that much

You might see Italian coffee shops in each corner of your street but in the real world of an Italian, coffee is only for breakfast and seldom would you find an Italian drinking coffee after 11 am.

  1. Pasta is part of an Italian dish but not Spaghetti and Meatballs

This type of dish could be an American dish but not Italian. Pasta with meat is not a common dish in Italy. Even if you research authentic Italian pasta, you will find meat is not a popular ingredient with pasta.

  1. Fare La Scarpetta. Bread served is for mop up

Whenever we enter a restaurant and waiters serve bread, in Italy, it is not an appetizer. Bread is used to mop up the extra sauce on the plate.

  1. You don’t walk while eating

It is a sign of discourteous if you do that in a restaurant. Some people are used to go in around places while eating. Italians respect the time and effort of chefs or cooks who have prepared your food for you. When they eat, they savor the time they could spend with their family and friends.

  1. Buon Appetit!

Italians would hear them say to each other Buon appetite before meals. This is to wish everyone to enjoy their meal.

  1. Arrive late

Italians have this mentality of giving time to the host to prepare the food. So, during a party, they would come a few minutes after the said time.

  1. In a private dinner, you start eating if the most important person in the party started eating

This only happens in a private dinner or party. The most important person could be the eldest in the group or the hostess. In a restaurant though, you could start to eat once your food arrives.

  1. Hosts of a dinner or party sits in the middle of the table

In other countries, you would find the head, boss or host of the party or dinner sitting at the end of the table. In Italy, they would be sitting in the middle.


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